As of October 2021, Pittston can process registrations fully and we have plates.  However, we cannot do vanity plates or disabled vet plates or Wabanaki plates.

A payment of an excise tax is required on all vehicles in the town of residence before registration. 

Online Renewal Registration:  You can renew your registration online by clicking on the "Rapid Renewal" on our home page or by using the State of Maine link here.  You will need to have your current registration, mileage and insurance card available.

When registering a motor vehicle, the law requires that the registrant show proof of insurance. When registering a new motor vehicle, you must have the Monroney (window) sticker if the price does not appear on the sales tax. Always come to the Town Office before going to Motor Vehicle. See the Basic Guidelines below. For more information, Bureau of Motor Vehicles--Vehicles Registration.

Basic Guidelines for Registering New or Used Vehicles and Obtaining New Plates
1) Bring these to the Town Office:   

If sale was through a Maine dealer:  • Bill of Sale • Blue Application for title for vehicles with a model year of 1995 and newer. • Proof of insurance for the vehicle being registered. • Proof Sales Tax has been paid. • Window Sticker for vehicles never previously sold. • Mileage.

If sale was a private sale: • complete Bill of Sale • Title signed by buyer(s) & seller(s) for vehicles 1995 and newer Blue Application for title for vehicles with a model year of 1995 and newer. • Proof of insurance for the vehicle being registered  • release of lien (if applicable) • Mileage.

Basic Guidelines for Transferring Plates from One Vehicle to Another
1) Make sure the vehicle being transferred from no longer belongs to you. You cannot transfer plates from vehicle 1 to vehicle 2, if you still own vehicle 1.
2) Bring to the Town Office your registration from your old vehicle, and the BLUE title application from the new vehicle (if applicable), your insurance card, and bill of sale showing the sales tax paid.
3) Pay the excise tax based on the difference between your old registration and the new one, plus a $3.00 transfer fee. The Town will determine and advise if it is to your advantage to transfer or not.

Replacement titles can be obtained online
This online service, offered through the BMV website at, is ideal for those whose vehicle titles have been lost, misplaced, or become illegible. Prior to the implementation of this online service, all replacement title requests had to be sent to the BMV’s main office in Augusta for processing. As of May 2015, the online request will immediately be sent to the main office, a new title number will be issued and the title will be mailed out within just a few days.