Old Colburn School

Pittston Literary & Historical Society


The society meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month at the Colburn School or at the Gardiner Library, as noted in the calendar of events below.

The people of Pittston, Maine have always had a great fascination with this town's history.  Many newspaper articles, books, and pamphlets have been written to document the history and people of the area.  While it seems that some of the original documents prior to the creation of the town of Pittston by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 1799 may have been lost, much has been preserved.  Documents continue to be found in local attics, various archives, and numerous auction halls.

It wasn't until January 5th 1963 that a group of Pittston residents submitted a petition to the Maine Attorney Generals Office to create the Pittston Literary & Historical Society.  The petitioners included Paul & Nancy Parez, Althea Lamson, Bernice Cummings, Albert West, and Claire M. & Paul S. Plummer, all well known residents of the Arnold Road neighborhood.  The paperwork being in order, the society received its charter on January 23, 1963 at the hand of Assistant Attorney General John W. Benoit. 

This group met frequently at members homes.  While they did not establish any lasting collection of material or original documents, their effort to raise the awareness of local history continued for many years.  When they stopped meeting and disbanded is unknown.  In the late 1970's or early 1980's a new group of Pittston enthusiasts began meeting informally at the Colburn House, on Arnold Road.  By 1984 the prior group's charter was reactivated, and after working with the Pittston selectmen we acquired the 1814 Colburn School.  It became our headquarters for meetings and events.  Throughout the ensuing years we have made many improvements to the school building, with an emphasis on retaining the rustic one room school appearance.

The purpose of the society continues to be to promote the pursuit of historical, educational and literary interest in the town of Pittston.  The society collects and preserve books, pamphlets, and documents connected with the town's historical past.

Membership is open to those who support the societies purposes.  Annual dues are $5.00 and are payable as of June 1st.  Donations of additional amounts will be greatly appreciated and will provide funds for operational costs and facilities maintenance.

Please send your payment to the secretary, providing her with your name, mailing address, phone number (do you text?) and an e-mail address so that we may send you newsletters and meeting information.  The Officer and Director page provides contact information.