The final vote is taken

Large crowd attends Special Town Meeting February 22


"To see if the town will rescind a 2005 Ordinance entitled "Town of Pittston Ordinance for the recall of Municipal Officers and/or officials" 

The Special Town Meeting to see if the Town should rescind its Recall Ordinance happened on Feb 22, 2024, 6 pm, at the Town Office and was then moved to the School.

The 50 minute meeting at the School was mostly questions/answers from citizens.  A motion was finally made to cease discussion and it was supported by the large majority of the crowd.  Moderator Chris Cooper then called for a vote on Article 2 to rescind the Ordinance and the same large majority quickly voted affirmatively.

The town will now work on forming an Ordinance Review Committee and develop its own Recall Ordinance.  In the meantime, state law covers the specific steps to recall a municipal official and that law is found here. It specifically states "an elected official of a municipality may be recalled from office........only if the official is convicted of a crime, the conduct of which occurred during the official's term of office and the victim of which is the municipality. "